ACE Hardware of Warsaw – Warsaw, IL

Hardware Store

Reported sales ran over $500,000 for a 128% return

This was a nice 20,000 sq ft well established ACE store.  Sales had been declining for some time and the owner had been trying to sell it for 6 or… Read More

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Elwood Adams Hardware – Worester, MA

Hardware Store

Case Study

The store was established in 1782 and was located in the first brick building built in the town.  The building was on the National Register of Historical Places. It was the only retail business left in the old downtown area.  Our press release got articles (free publicity) in the local and area news papers, radio... Read more »

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Paul’s Discount – Clinton, IA

Discount Store

Wingate would get the best return possible

A year later the owner decided to liquidate his second store and use Wingate again. He knew Wingate would get the best return possible. Starting in… Read More

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Nancy’s Notions – Beaver Dam, WI

Hobby Store

Gross sales ran well over $435,000

This was a difficult situation as the lease had expired and we only had 3½ weeks to liquidate the inventory.  Starting inventory ran almost $270,… Read More

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The Old Homestead – Lexington, NC

Gift Store

The sale ended better than I ever dreamed!

This was a very nice store carrying top of the line merchandise. Starting inventory was $225,000 and another $3,500 was purchased (should have been… Read More

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Sportshaus – Bridgton, ME

Sporting Goods Store

Gross sales ran over $540,000

This was an outstanding sale.  The store was located in a ski resort community.  The owner did everything right.  He held the sale during the sk… Read More

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Gold Crown Hallmark

Gift Store

The first day sales exceeded the previous month’s sales

In April, we completed a Retirement/Quitting Business Sale for the owner of three Gold Crown Hallmark Stores. The sale opened on a cold, windy, sno… Read More

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Curtis ACE Hardware – Marion, AR

Hardware Store

Fixtures and equipment sold for $111,000

The store was not making enough to cover loans.  After the sale started the owner was only in the store one week before taking a vacation and when… Read More

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Is COVID-19 Effecting Your Business?Now is the Time to Plan Your Sale

We are facing highly unusual times. Stores in many states, cities and counties have been forced to close, and the consumer has been encouraged to stay at home and only shop for necessary items. It now appears that things are beginning to break open, the consumer is starting to get out and retailers are going to have to aggressively go after every dollar they can get to cover lost sales.

The retail industry has lost their good spring selling season. Retailers are stuck with two seasons of merchandise. Now they must reopen with a strong sale and heavy advertising to generate customer traffic and raise a huge amount of cash. Out of season and over stocks need to be converted to cash while in season merchandise needs to be sold to make as much profit as possible. AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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