Wingate Sales Solutions’ retail liquidation and store closing sales are customized for each individual business owner and market. Whether you have a hardware store, jewelry store, furniture store, card and gift store, sporting goods store or another type, we can help. Every plan is designed to be profitable and generate huge crowds of customers and then stimulate them to keep buying.

If you’re facing the decision to close your retail store, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our liquidation team will appraise the inventory, put the right sale plan together, and then work with you to execute the plan. Call us today at 1-888-480-7253 or request your FREE information packet using the form to the right to see how Wingate Sales Solutions can help you liquidate your hardware store with the best return possible.  Contact us early to start the planning process.

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Initial Consultation & Planning the Sale

We’ll work with you to arrange a meeting with our liquidator to discuss your situation and needs. There is no charge or obligation for this call or consultation.

Our sale consultant will evaluate your store’s sale value, taking into consideration factors that affect the return, such as location, inventory mix and aging, time of year, ratio of inventory to volume, availability of customer mailing and email lists and more. Then, your liquidator will develop a custom sale plan and explain how it will work for you.

You’ll receive projected sales volume and estimated return, how long the project is expected to take, estimated advertising expenses and our fee. You’ll also get the list of items included at no extra charge, including window and interior signage, sign cards and other supplies.

Remember, selling your fixtures and equipment is also included with our service.

Preparing for the Liquidation Sale

If you’re considering closing your store, we recommend making a conscious effort to maintain a full well-rounded inventory. Fully stocked stores with good current merchandise tend to get the highest return. For even better results, build up the best sellers and add good off-price merchandise to the inventory. This is the merchandise that makes most of the profits and draws customers to the store.

We also advertise and help sell the fixtures and equipment you want sold, so don’t throw anything away before the sale starts.

Implementing the Liquidation Sale

Throughout the process, you will maintain control of your store, employees and receipts from the sale. Our liquidator will meet with you on the first day of our agreement. He or she will plan discounts and manage sale pricing and merchandising with your approval.

Then, the liquidator will prepare the store for the pre-showing opening. He or she will also plan and write advertising for the sale announcement. You will proof and approve all advertising.

During the Liquidation Sale

We start with a pre-showing event to create a burst of volume. This is a special invitation-only kickoff for the liquidation sale that draws huge crowds. A week later, we announce the liquidation sale through the media to get the general public interested and create more big volume days. This gets more traffic and sales early on when profit margins are best.

We use our copyright-protected customer participation incentives to sustain traffic and sales through the last day of the sale. Customers will shop your store over and over while competing to buy more and more. This allows us to avoid relying on deep price cuts and heavy advertising. Instead, we take minimal markdowns and maintain good margins until it’s time to clear out the last of the inventory and fixtures.

Your liquidator will follow our five-phase liquidation sale plan:

Phase One
Foundation of the sale. We prep the store and sale-price merchandise as quickly as possible to save on overhead and expenses.

Phase Two
Grand Opening. This is a two-step process that should be the longest, highest volume and most profitable phase of the sale.

Phase Three
Profitable, but with closer margins.

Phase Four
Goal is to reclaim cost or even slightly more.

Phase Five
Clear out and the clean up the last few odds and ends.

After the Liquidation Sale

When your sale is over, you’ll receive a mailing and email list of your customers acquired from the sale. Use the list to pull loyal customers to your other stores or for catalog mailing lists, direct marketing or other opportunities.

To get started, submit the form at the top of the page or call us at 1-888-480-7253. We’ll send you a customized packet of information to show you how to maximize your results and help determine the type of sale you need. Rest assured, everything is kept confidential.