Closing a Store

We Make Going Out of Business as Painless as Possible!

Don’t risk your assets with a self-conducted liquidation sale — your experience is in perpetuating the business, not liquidating it. This is the time professional assistance is needed most. Go with the most store closing and retail liquidation experience in the field — Wingate Sales Solutions. Learn how our liquidation sales work for you.

Customer Incentives Drive Liquidation Sales

At Wingate Sales Solutions, we’ll get your store closing sale off to an explosive start!  We start with our Pre-Showing event.  It’s a special invitation announcing the liquidation sale that out-pulls newspaper, radio and television! A week later we announce the liquidation sale through the media to the general public creating another opening and more big volume days.  We get more big volume days early in the sale when profit margins are best. Then, we know how to sustain traffic and sales right down to the last day!

Our store closing, closing out, retirement, lost lease, liquidation, quitting business, going out of business, and promotional and business stimulation sales are designed to be profitable! They produce outstanding results during a booming economy. And they produce equally as well during a slow economy. Our clients are getting outstanding results today. We know how to drive price conscious customers right by the competition to shop your Wingate Sales Solutions sale!

Unlike others, we do not rely entirely on deep price cuts and heavy advertising. Yes, we need to advertise and we need good prices, but our copyright protected customer participation incentives motivate customers to shop your store over and over while competing to buy and buy more. It’s the strongest inventory liquidation advertising campaign ever devised.

An Inventory Liquidation Sale is an Exciting Event for Your Customers!

From the time you start to consider closing the store, you should make a conscious effort to maintain a full well-rounded inventory with emphasis on fast turning merchandise. This merchandise will sell profitably and draw the traffic it takes to liquidate the slower turning merchandise. We liquidate many retail stores with sold down inventories and we do them well, but they do not get the return a good inventory will.

Our Liquidation Process is Simple

First Inquiry

  1. Inquire from our website or pick up the phone and call us for quick answers to some of your questions.
  2. We’ll send a packet of information about us and how we help to get bigger, better results.
  3. Everything is kept confidential.

Initial Consultation & Planning the Sale

  1. Call to arrange a meeting with our liquidator.
  2. Once our liquidator has seen the store and gathered the necessary information, he will evaluate the store for sale value and explain how our sale plan will work for you.
  3. The liquidator will project sales volume and estimate the return you can expect.
  4. The liquidator will project the length of time it will take, our fee and estimate advertising expense.
  5. The liquidator will explain all of the things we provide free of charge, including window and interior signage, sign cards and other supplies.
  6. You are under no obligation and there is no charge for his call or consultation.
  7. You retain control of your store, employees and receipts from the sale.

Implementing the Liquidation Sale

  1. Our liquidator will meet with you in the morning on the first day of our agreement.
  2. With your approval, he will plan discounts, manage sale pricing and merchandising.
  3. The liquidator will prepare the store for our pre-showing opening. It will out pull media advertising.
  4. The liquidator will plan and write advertising for a week later announcing the sale through the media to the general public. The two openings generate more big volume days early in the sale when margins are highest.

Managing the Liquidation Sale

  1. Our liquidator will stay and work with you throughout the sale.
  2. The liquidator will organize and work with your staff to help make them more effective sales people.
  3. The liquidator will continue managing the sale and suggest discounts where and when needed.
  4. The liquidator will follow our five phase sale plan until the merchandise is gone.
  5. The liquidator will advertise and help sell fixtures and equipment you want sold. Don’t throw anything in the dumpster before the sale starts. One mans trash is another mans treasure, and he’ll pay for it.
  6. When the sale is completed, you can thank him/her for helping with the biggest, most important sale in your stores history.

Call Wingate Today

If you’re thinking of a promotional sale or closing a store, find out how we can help. We can discuss your retail promotional or liquidation sale needs and create a Wingate Liquidation Plan customized for your store. No cost, no obligation.

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