America’s most prestigious and successful independent retailers choose Wingate Sales Solutions for successful store closing and high-impact sale events. Closing a store, whether due to retirement, bankruptcy or other reasons, is a big decision and it’s often a stressful time. We’ve been conducting retail liquidation and promotional sales with honesty and integrity for more than 100 years. We treat our clients with dignity and respect and help them get the most out of the sale.

In addition to going out of business sales, we conduct high impact business stimulation sales. Getting rid of excess inventory quickly can free up cash to help pay off vendors and creditors so you can get your business back on track.

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, contact us first. If you do file, your options are limited if you choose Chapter 7, whereas Chapter 11 provides an opportunity to turn the business around. There’s a timeframe and restrictions involved, so it’s important to act quickly.

If you’re facing the decision to close your retail store, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our liquidation team will appraise the inventory, put the right sale plan together and then work with you to execute the plan. Contact us early to start the planning process.

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Our liquidators are fully transparent, and our agreements are simple and easy to understand. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what the fee will be before you make a commitment.

  • No charge for our representative to come to your store
  • No up-front charges or hidden costs
  • No putting receipts into an escrow account you don’t control
  • No accelerated weekly fee payments
  • No percentage commissions


We don’t believe in pressure tactics. Our representative will call on you without charge or obligation. He’ll explain how we can help you recover more from your assets and then let you decide without pressure.

One thing you won’t find in our contract is guarantees. Our team has decades of experience with successful going out of business sales, so we know there are no guarantees when it comes to liquidations. Yes, other liquidators offer them, but even though they may sound great, they often put the store owner in a weak position.

We consider ourselves your partner and we run our business to serve you, the retail store owner. It may be an old-fashioned ethic, but it’s worked for us for the past 100 years.


We provide interior and exterior signs, advertising and other services at no additional charge.

Free Advertising

Your Sale Consultant will use the best and most cost-effective media mix to generate maximum results. This may include paid advertising in print and on radio, cable and TV, as well as direct mail, email and social media marketing. We provide free ad copywriting and newspaper ad layouts.

Our pre-show marketing combines old-fashioned personal invitation advertising with the latest in demographic targeting allows us to jump-start our sales. Your consultant will work with you to choose the merchandise and discounts to be advertised.

Liquidation Sale Signage

We ensure you have all the materials and supplies needed to prep your store for the sale and get cash flowing quickly. This includes our exclusively designed window and interior signs, show-cards for special priced merchandise and supplies for our customer incentive programs. Large all-weather outdoor signs, sale price tags and labels are also available for a nominal fee.

Selling Fixtures Is Included

We do not charge for selling your fixtures or equipment, because we see it as part of our job. Fixtures will be tagged with the asking price and included in the sale advertising. No one in the industry puts as much effort into selling fixtures and equipment as we do.

Experienced Team

Wingate Sales Solutions has worked with tens of thousands of independent retailers throughout the United States and Canada since 1916. Our sale consultants’ knowledge and experience are unmatched. Many have more than twenty years of consulting experience, and all have undergone extensive training.

Our team members also have a strong retail background as former store owners and/or managers. They are merchandisers, advertisers, managers, and above all, problem solvers and solution finders! Each of our consultants knows how to manage cost effective store closing sales and high-impact promotional event sales.

One of our experienced professional retail sale consultants will be on site throughout your sale, advising you and working with you to get results. He or she will work on your behalf from set-up to clean-up.

Comprehensive Sale and Liquidation Plans

Our sales are designed to be profitable, using a highly effective plan developed through more than 100 years of successful liquidation experience. We’ll help you maximize your return with a liquidation or high-impact sale event that will retain your reputation in the community.


We have copyrighted customer participation and traffic building events for the exclusive use of our clients. Our powerful yet flexible sale strategy will be tailored to your store and situation.


Our sale consultants start by assessing the inventory and assets and creating a customized plan. Then, it’s presented to the store owner for approval. There is no pressure or obligation. Once the plan is accepted, we get to work advertising the sale and helping you price and display merchandise.


Our system of discounting and sale pricing merchandise is proven to sell more merchandise and sell it at an overall higher profit margin than other liquidation companies can.

The overall goal is to price as much of the merchandise as possible in the time allotted. We don’t want customers to have to look up a sale price on a chart at the end of the aisle – we want them to pick up an item, see both the original price and the sale price and then buy the item.

We work on a variable pricing system. We discount merchandise as it will sell, with short discounts on fast sellers and deeper discounts on slow, old and out of season merchandise. We try to sell slow turners early in the sale to clear them out quickly.

Proven Success

We’ve helped thousands of retailers successfully close their stores and get the most out of their assets. Their testimonials speak to our honest and ethical way of doing business.


Read through our case studies to see the results we’ve gotten for store owners and independent owner-operators of major chains. Then, contact us for a personalized sale plan for your store.