We are facing highly unusual times. Stores in many states, cities and counties have been forced to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine orders. A liquidation sale can help! The consumer has been encouraged to stay at home and only shop for necessary items. It now appears that things are beginning to break open, the consumer will soon be getting out and retailers are going to have to aggressively go after every dollar they can get to cover lost sales.

The retail industry has lost its good spring selling season. Retailers are stuck with two seasons of merchandise. Now they must reopen with a strong sale and heavy advertising to generate customer traffic and raise a huge amount of cash. Out of season and over stocks need to be converted to cash, while in season merchandise needs to be sold to make as much profit as possible. AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

If you’re facing the decision to close your retail store due to COVID-19, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our liquidation team will appraise the inventory, put the right sale plan together and then work with you to execute the plan safely with everyone’s health in mind. Contact us early to start the planning process.

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Jumpstart Your Store After Quarantine

Now is the Time to Plan Your Sale

With this rapidly evolving situation, it’s important to start thinking now about how your business will respond to COVID-19 as restrictions in your area are lifted. Executing a successful, highly profitable sale will be key.

The success of any large sale depends upon many factors including advertising, season, merchandise mix, balance, aging, store location, parking as well as the awareness and perception the consumer has of the store. But the primary ingredient is the store owner’s aggressive, enthusiastic execution of the sale plan. No liquidation sale is more successful than the effort and planning the owner puts into it. The store owner must be well organized, thorough and willing to put a lot of extra time and effort into his or her sale. To make the sale successful, the consumer must be told about it, particularly after this long shut down.

How Wingate Sales Solutions Can Help

We have more than 100 years of experience helping retailers with store closing and liquidation sales. Our experienced sale consultants have the expertise to build a successful sale even in challenging times like these.

  1. You can partner with one of our consultants who will help with planning and executing your sale. From pricing and promotion to merchandising and signage, you’ll have all of our expertise at your disposal every step of the way to set your store up for a successful sale.
  2. Or, if you’d rather tackle the sale yourself, we’ve put together a kit with a Guide to a High Impact Sale and the supplies you’ll need to execute it.

Not sure which option is best for you? Contact us today at 1-888-480-7253 for a FREE consultation to discuss your store closing options.

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Get your guide to a High Impact Sale

Wingate Sales Solutions has converted our time-tested liquidation sale plan into a guide that you, the store owner, and deploy for maximum returns. The Guide to a High Impact Sale and the accompanying sale supply kit are designed to help the retailer quickly put together a high impact sale that will generate a large amount of customer traffic and a high sales volume.

The Guide to a High Impact Sale is not written as a step by step, one size fits all procedure manual. Some parts will apply to your particular store and situation. Others will fit other types of stores and situations. Read it from cover to cover, make notes or highlight those parts that apply to your sale and then review those parts necessary to the task at hand.

Request your guide online today by filling out the form on this page!