Maximum Liquidation Returns

Wingate is an Expert Jewelry Store Liquidator

Liquidating and conducting sales for fine jewelry stores takes real expertise. Wingate Sales Solutions is a jewelry store liquidation company that have liquidators who specialize in these types of retail stores. The amount of recovery depends on the size and condition of the inventory, the store’s image, the time of year the liquidation sale is held, the store’s normal volume in relationship to the size of the inventory and many other factors. We know how to generate a huge traffic flow and stimulate buyers.

Although we do jewelry store closing and liquidation sales successfully year round, timing is important. Obviously, for best results most jewelry stores should consider holding their sale or liquidating during the holiday season. However, jewelry stores located in tourist areas may be best advised to do it during the peak of the tourist season. There are other situations that may dictate a different and better time to hold the sale. We’ve experienced them all.

Our Jewelry Store Liquidation Sales Can Recover 140% or More of Inventory Cost!

There are numerous reasons jewelry store owners engage Wingate Sales Solutions to help with large promotions. To raise a large amount of cash quickly, to clear out old and unwanted merchandise, to close out a line or department to make room for new lines, exposure to expand customer base, etc. Whatever the reason, we can help. And while we’re at it, we will generate a large customer mailing and email list!

Send for our FREE information packet. It will include letters of reference from some of our former clients. If you have questions call 1-888-480-7253, and we’ll do our best to answer them. For a through explanation of our jewelry store liquidation services and how we can help you promote or close your store to get the best recovery possible, our Representative needs to see your jewelry store. There’s no cost or obligation for his call. If you prefer he can meet with you in the evening or at a time when you won’t be interrupted.

Once our jewelry store liquidator has seen the store and acquired the necessary information, he will appraise the store for its potential liquidation value. He will then propose the sale plan best suited for your store. You will know exactly what our fees will be and the potential recovery before making a commitment. Our going out of business liquidation sale plan will be tailored to your jewelry store. We take into consideration all information given us and based on our experience with similar situations execute the sale plan to get the best possible results. You retain complete control of your store, employees and receipts from the sale.

Once the decision is made, we provide an experienced jewelry store liquidator to guide and work with you six days a week throughout the sale. He will execute the sale plan with your best interests in mind. Should an unexpected problem arise he is there and on top of it with the right solution.

Here is a Partial List of Jewelry Stores We’ve Liquidated

Store Name Store Location
Mills Jewelry & Awards Sikeston, MO
Joyce’s Jewelry Lufkin, TX
Paveglio Jewelers Walton, NY
Allison Skibell Jewelers Lubbock, TX
Mills Jewelry & Awards Sikeston, MO
Paveglio Jewelers Walton, NY
Santa Fe Trading Co. Sonoma, CA
Silver Feather Trading Co. Golden, CO
Vel-Rich Jewelers Forrest City, AR
Tatonka Indian Gallery Killeen, TX
The Turquoise Door Ingram, TX
Allison Skibell Jewelers Lubbock, TX
Joyce’s Jewelry Lufkin, TX
Harry Orr Jeweler Rock Island, IL

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