Count on Wingate Sales Solutions when you need an experienced furniture store liquidation company that gets results. We conduct high-impact retirement, closing and going out of business sales that get the best return on the inventory possible.

Our mission is to help store owners stimulate business with special promotions or get the most out of their inventory with store closing sales. The Wingate Sales Solutions organization is dedicated to providing effective and cost-efficient asset disposition and furniture store liquidation services.

If you’re facing the decision to close your furniture store, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our liquidation team will appraise the inventory, put the right sale plan together, and then work with you to execute the plan. Call us today at 1-888-480-7253 or request your FREE information packet using the form to the right to see how Wingate Sales Solutions can help you liquidate your furniture store with the best return possible.  Contact us early to start the planning process.

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Reasons to Choose Wingate Sales Solutions

Our furniture store liquidations can recover 140% – 160% of inventory cost, or even more. While we execute successful furniture store closing sales year-round, timing can be important. If you’re thinking of liquidating, contact us as early as possible so we can provide suggestions on how to prepare your store for a more profitable sale.

Since 1916, we’ve helped more than 35,000 store owners with successful closing or promotional sales. Over the years, we’ve developed a proven method for drawing big crowds and encouraging them to buy throughout the sale. This allows us to liquidate stores without the use of drastic markdowns and exorbitant advertising costs that are common in the industry.

Our services include high-impact signage and advertising copywriting at no extra charge. If you want to sell your equipment and fixtures, we’ll promote and sell them with no additional cost to you.

When you partner with Wingate Sales Solutions, one of our experienced sale consultants will work with you throughout the process. Your liquidator will be an experienced partner who will help you plan discounts and manage the sale. Should an unexpected issue come up, he or she will provide the right solution.

Customized Liquidation Sale Plan

We start with an appraisal of your store’s inventory by one of our sale consultants. There is no cost to you and you’re under no obligation. While our furniture store liquidation plan is designed to be profitable, the return depends on the size, quality, mix and condition of the inventory, the store image and volume in relationship to the size of the inventory.

Once our liquidator has seen the store and talked with you, he will present you with the potential inventory liquidation value and propose the best liquidation sale plan for your situation. If you decide to work with us, we’ll tailor our powerful furniture store closing sale plan to your store to get the best possible return. You’ll maintain control of your store, its employees and the receipts from the sale.

Promotional Event Sales

Furniture store owners hire Wingate Sales Solutions to help with large special event sales when they need to generate cash, remodel, clear out old merchandise, close out lines to make room for new ones, gain exposure, expand their customer base, create a new store image and more. Whatever the reason, we can help with a special event sale that clears out inventory and generates a large customer list you can use for future promotions. We’ll also share some helpful tips for growing the list.

Included Extras

When you work with us, we will sell your fixtures and equipment at no additional charge. You’ll also receive free advertising copywriting and high-impact signage.

One of our experienced sale consultants will work with you every step of the way to help plan discounts and manage the sale. Your furniture store liquidator will be an expert partner. If an unexpected problem arises, he or she will be there with an immediate solution.