Store Closing Liquidation Service

We are the Leading Store Liquidation Company

Wingate Sales Solutions is the leading retail sales organization in North America for liquidations and high impact promotional sales. We have a family history of helping store owners with special event promotions, retirement, store closing, quitting business, and going out of business sales since 1916. Along the way we have helped over 35,000 store owners stimulate business or close stores to rescue assets.

We Know How to Liquidate Retail Stores Profitably

We have pioneered and refined many of the professional promotional and liquidation methods used today. We hold copyrights for traffic building and customer participation programs not available to others. Our methods are second only to our experience.

  • Experience, knowledge and hard work are key to any successful promotion or store closing sale.
  • We know how to handle problems and manage situations.
  • We know how much discount it takes to stimulate sales yet maintain the best return possible.
  • We know when to hold prices and when to take discounts.
  • We know how and when to advertise to generate the biggest possible response, yet keep advertising expense to a minimum.

It all adds up to the best possible return for your merchandise, fixtures and equipment.

The Wingate Sales Solutions Team

Garold Wingate


Garold is a seasoned leader in the sales promotion and liquidation field having come into the business in 1963. He served as Vice President of Paul Brooker Sales International for more than 30 years. His wife, Diane Brooker Wingate, has been connected with the business throughout her life. Her grandfather, C. C. Brooker, founded the Brooker Sales Company in 1916. Her father, Paul K. Brooker, succeeded C. C. and continued the business for many years. The name was changed to Wingate Sales Solutions in 1999. Two of the Wingate’s four sons, Tim and Mike, now occupy management positions after having served in the field as consultants.

Mike Wingate

Vice President

Mike was employed in retail sales and management. Following that he worked as a Sale Consultant prior to coming to the office in 1997. Along with other duties, Mike manages the company’s finances and coordinates company advertising.

Tim Wingate

Vice President

Tim was a chain store manager and then managed a wholesale company for several years. He also worked as a Sale Consultant prior to coming to the office in 1996. Today he prepares the pre-showing advertising for our sales, blending store customer lists (when available) with the latest geographic and demographic information available. It is this combination of old-fashioned personal invitation advertising and the latest in demographics that we depend on to jump-start our sales.

Dane Whaley

Field Operations Manager

Dane coordinates and manages Sale Consultants working in the field. After a stint in the Air Force, his resume includes retail and wholesale sales and store management prior to opening his own store in 1970. He joined Wingate Sales Solutions in 1986 as a Sale Consultant and conducted 68 sales before coming to the home office as Field Operations Director.

Jon Ehrsam

Assistant Field Operations Manager

Jon worked for a retail store several years and eventually became the owner. He operated the business for 21 years before closing it and becoming area manager for Dale Carnegie and Senior Career Adviser for Bernard Haldane. Following that he worked for a large department store chain before coming to Wingate.

Our Regional Representatives all served as Sale Consultants for many years before being given a sales area. Prior to becoming consultants, they owned or managed stores. Most have twenty years or more experience as Sale Consultants conducting sales. They have the experience to appraise a store for a sale and then put the right sale plan together for the store. Once the plan is put together, they present it to the store owner for approval. There is no pressure or obligation.

Our Sale Consultants are the cream of the industry. Each and every one came to us with a strong retail background. They were all former store owners or managers and were thoroughly checked out and put through extensive training prior to becoming a Wingate Sales Solutions consultant. They will work on your behalf through the entire sale, from set-up to clean-up. Many have over twenty years of consulting experience and a few over thirty years. They are merchandisers, advertisers, managers and above all they are problem solvers and solution finders!

The Wingate Sales Solutions organization is dedicated to providing effective and cost-efficient services. Our headquarters staff is the support team for the finest sale consultants in the industry. We are available to help you in your time of need.

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