Successful Liquidation Sale

There are all kinds of sporting goods stores from full line to specialty stores such as hunting and fishing, golf, ski, bicycle, hockey, baseball, physical fitness, etc. Wingate Sales Solutions is a sporting goods store liquidation company that have liquidators who specialize in these types of retail stores. There are team sports stores that cater to schools, teams and leagues. We’ve done them all, and we’ve done them well. Targeted marketing and our Customer Participation Programs (Games) keep customers returning and shopping, helping you get the best recovery possible for your inventory. We also help you sell fixtures and equipment.

Our store closing and liquidation sales plan will be tailored to your sporting goods store. We consider all information given us and based on our experience with similar situations, recommend the liquidation sale plan best suited for the store that will get the highest possible return.

Based on our experience, we recommended your sporting goods liquidation sale be held in early spring at the beginning of the sporting season. We start our sales with a Pre-showing Letter. It doesn’t quote a single price or discount and it out-pulls newspaper, radio and TV advertising! A week later, it is followed with an opening to the public through the media for more big-volume days early in the sale, where margins are best.

Real-World Example of a Sporting Goods Liquidation Sale

A mountain climbing store we liquidated had a 7,200 name mailing and email customer list. This was a small store with a starting cost inventory of $105,000. The first day of the Pre-showing, sales ran over $31,000 at an average discount of less than 20%! The owner immediately purchased another $10,000 in high demand inventory, so the total inventory cost ran $115,000, and sales exceeded $160,000! We did this with only $812 spent in media advertising. Direct mail, email and our games carried the advertising load.

The store had been on the market for sometime and lucky for the owner a buyer wasn’t found. Our sale far exceeded his asking price. The primary reasons the sale was so successful:

  1. The store was fully stocked to go into its biggest volume season.
  2. The sale was held early in the busy season.
  3. The store carried top of the line merchandise.
  4. The owner gave us full cooperation.

There is no cost or obligation to have our liquidator appraise your sporting goods store for inventory liquidation, value and, propose, and explain the sale plan best suited to your store. You’’ll have the answers and know the cost involved before making the decision.

When you go with Wingate Sales Solutions, you control the store and all receipts! We provide a liquidator who will be an expert promoter and retail sporting goods liquidator. He will work with you in your store six days a week throughout the sale. He will be experienced with your type of store and merchandise. He’ll guide you through the sale to a successful conclusion. If an unexpected problem arises, the liquidator is there and on top of it with an immediate solution.

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