Case Study

Reported sales ran over $500,000 for a 128% return

This was a nice 20,000 sq ft well established ACE store.  Sales had been declining for some time and the owner had been trying to sell it for 6 or 7 years.  The inventory had been shrinking and when they inquired about our service the inventory was down to $500,000.  By the time they decided to use our service the inventory had shrunk to $410,000.  Our Rep convinced them it would be beneficial to buy some additional merchandise for the sale.  They purchased another $25,000 in fast turning, long margin merchandise making the total inventory $435,000.  Opening day of our Pre-Showing sales exceeded $52,000.  “While we expected our opening day to be big, it was huge!  And we still exceeded a 30% margin for the day!”  Reported gross sales ran a little over $500,000 for a 128% return.  Plus, fixtures sold for over $20,000 and a truck, trailer and fork lift sold for over $36,000.  Due to our customer incentive program that had 3,400 customers involved, we were able to hold media advertising expenses $10,242.  NOTE: We were recommended by our good friend Tom Chasteen owner and founder of The Hardware Conference and Hardware Connection Magazine.