When you’re looking for an experienced hardware store liquidation company, trust Wingate Sales Solutions to help you get the best return possible. We’ve been in business since 1916 and we execute every sale with honesty, integrity and respect. As a result, we do more hardware store closing, retirement, and going out of business sales than all of our competition combined.

Our mission is to help store owners stimulate business with special promotions or get the most out of their inventory with store closing sales. The Wingate Sales Solutions organization is dedicated to providing effective and cost-efficient asset disposition and hardware store liquidation services.

If you’re facing the decision to close your hardware store, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our liquidation team will appraise the inventory, put the right sale plan together, and then work with you to execute the plan. Call us today at 1-888-480-7253 or request your FREE information packet using the form to the right to see how Wingate Sales Solutions can help you liquidate your hardware store with the best return possible.  Contact us early to start the planning process.

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Reasons to Choose Wingate Sales Solutions

We’ve helped close more hardware stores than anyone in the industry. We also manage liquidation sales for farm and ranch, feed and seed, home centers, lumber & building material stores as well as kitchen, bath, lighting, and garden center stores. We have a team of experienced liquidators who specialize in getting customers in the door and product off the shelves.

Wingate Sales Solutions has a long history with hardware, home center, and building material dealers throughout the United States and Canada. We maintain a good working relationship with the National Retail Hardware Association. We also sponsor the Hardware Retailing e-newsletter and regularly support the Hardware Retailer and Hardware Retailing with advertising.

Our associate memberships include the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA), NRHA Canada, Michigan Retail Hardware Association, Pacific Northwest Hardware & Implement Association, SouthWestern Hardware Association and Mid-American Lumbermen’s Association.

We use a copyright-protected strategy for our liquidation sales that encourages customers to keep coming back and buying more throughout the sale. This allows us to clear out inventory with minimal markdowns and advertising costs.

Customized Liquidation Sale Plan

Our liquidator will start by appraising your store’s inventory at no cost or obligation to you. He or she will take all provided information into consideration and provide you with a liquidation plan that includes the potential recovery value as well as our fees. Our proven going out of business sales plan will be tailored to fit your store and your situation and get the best possible return. If you decide to work with us, you’ll maintain complete control of your entire store, including the employees and the receipts from the sale.

Promotional Event Sales

We also help with high-impact business stimulation and special event sales. Hardware store owners must adapt to a rapidly changing retail environment which means moving to a better location or changing programs is often necessary. We can help with a high-impact special event sale that will sell out the old brand and other merchandise you no longer want to carry and help raise the money you need to make the change.

Included Extras

When you work with us, we will sell your fixtures and equipment at no additional charge. You’ll also receive free advertising copywriting and high-impact signage.

One of our experienced sale consultants will work with you every step of the way to help plan discounts and manage the sale. Your hardware store liquidator will be an expert partner. If an unexpected problem arises, he or she will be there with an immediate solution.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Is COVID-19 Effecting Your Business?Now is the Time to Plan Your Sale

We are facing highly unusual times. Stores in many states, cities and counties have been forced to close, and the consumer has been encouraged to stay at home and only shop for necessary items. It now appears that things are beginning to break open, the consumer is starting to get out and retailers are going to have to aggressively go after every dollar they can get to cover lost sales.

The retail industry has lost their good spring selling season. Retailers are stuck with two seasons of merchandise. Now they must reopen with a strong sale and heavy advertising to generate customer traffic and raise a huge amount of cash. Out of season and over stocks need to be converted to cash while in season merchandise needs to be sold to make as much profit as possible. AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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