It takes more concentrated store management than any other time; that’s your job! Our expert consultant will concentrate his full time and energy conducting the sale to get the best return possible for you.

We’ve been providing retail store closing and liquidation services for over 100 years now. Our retail store closing sale plans are designed to be profitable. Then we’ll help execute the plan for the highest recovery possible. Our retail liquidators are results-oriented problem solvers who know what to expect in every retail situation. They offer an unbeatable combination of hands-on experience and fresh new concepts to insure the maximum bottom line results and good community relations.

When you decide to take the next step, our liquidator will survey the store and its location, collect the necessary data and present you with the sale plan best suited for your store and situation. There is no cost or obligation for his call and you’ll have the whole story before you commit to anything.

If you’re facing the decision to close your retail store, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our liquidation team will appraise the inventory, put the right sale plan together, and then work with you to execute the plan. Call us today at 1-888-480-7253 or request your FREE information packet using the form to the right to see how Wingate Sales Solutions can help you liquidate your hardware store with the best return possible.  Contact us early to start the planning process.

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Our Liquidation Services

If you’re thinking of a promotional sale or closing a store, find out how we can help. We can discuss your retail promotional or liquidation sale needs and create a Wingate Sale Plan customized for your store. No cost, no obligation. 1 (888) 480-7253.

Retail liquidation sales by Wingate Sales Solutions are designed to be profitable for you and an exciting event for your customers. Our tested and proven going out of business sale plan will drive customers to your store and then motivate them to buy.

Overstocked and under-capitalized? Wingate Sales Solutions can help you execute a well-planned promotional sale that will sell your surplus inventory quickly, raise the cash you need, stimulate new business and expand your customer base.

If you need to raise cash and sell off out of season merchandise while dramatically expanding your customer mailing and email customer list our high impact sale is just what you need.