Case Study

Gross sales ran well over $435,000

This was a difficult situation as the lease had expired and we only had 3½ weeks to liquidate the inventory.  Starting inventory ran almost $270,000.  Due to the short length of time we had to start the sale with about a 10% deeper discount than normal.  The first day of our Pre-Showing we had a line of customers four deep a block long waiting to get in.  Sales that day ran over $96,000 so they bought another $42,000 in fast turning merchandise.  Reported gross sales ran well over $435,000, plus another $18,000 in fixture and equipment sales.  This was a long established store open to the public and in recent years had developed a strong on-line business.  It had a 70,000 customer email list which we used extensively.  Consequently, we did not use any newspaper, radio or TV advertising.  NO media advertising expense!