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Wingate Sales Store Closing

Store Closing Sales

Need to close a store or multiple stores? We'll help you plan a sophisticated Store Closing Sale tailored to your store, and execute it for the highest recovery possible. Our sales plans are designed to be profitable! Wingate Sales Solutions has the most liquidation experience in the field. Learn more »

Wingate Sales Promotional Sales

Promotional Sales

Overstocked and under-capitalized? We can help you sell your inventory down quickly, raise the capital you need, stimulate new business and expand your customer base. Wingate Sales Solutions can attract crowds of customers and create a sales explosion with your own excess inventory. In fact, many of our clients generate a week's business on opening day. Learn more »

Wingate Sales Multi-Store Liquidations

Multi-Store Liquidations

When chain and multiple store operations need an infusion of funds, the most efficient way to do that is to liquidate unprofitable or marginally profitable stores. At Wingate Sales Solutions, we have closed thousands of stores across the country. Our Consultants understand customer buying characteristics and sale tactics to maximize margins.
Learn more »

Wingate Sales Creditor Liquidations

Foreclosure Liquidations

Wingate Sales Solutions also helps attorneys, banks, lending institutions, trustees and creditors in possession to liquidate any type of retail store and get more out of it than any other method of inventory liquidation. Our sales plan typically recover 2.5 to 5 times that of an auction or bulk sale. Learn more »

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