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Wingate Sales Solutions

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We would like to thank you and your representatives for such a fantastic job of helping us liquidate our business. Owning and managing our Hardware Store and Lumberyard for over 50 years did not prepare us for all the aspects of the liquidation process. We would not have been able to do this without the help of Wingate.

We are absolutely thrilled with the services provided by the consultant and his helper that you sent to us. From day one they provided us with excellent customer service. The first day they came in and determined our customer base, learned about our products and prepared a liquidation plan and schedule that perfectly matched our needs. Both of them were always courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and very organized. Our liquidation lasted almost two months and they were on scene each and every day, including half days on Saturdays.

The advertising campaign they pieced together from our customer list was unparalleled. From the initial flyers to the reminder postcards as well as advertising in our local papers the amount of traffic we had come through our store these last two months was astounding.

The signage was excellent and professionally done and they were always replaced on schedule as we increased our markdowns. The banners posted outside on our buildings and in our parking lot brought in a lot of additional traffic that boosted our daily sales.

The computer and graphic skills of these individuals was also top notch. Their experience and knowledge of the best online resources really made such a huge difference in our sales. We would like to tell you a true story about how effective they were. We had been agonizing on how we were going to get rid of a 40′ trailer that we had on the property that we had used for storage for 20 years. We knew we would have to pay a lot of money to have it towed away. Instead the consultant said “Let’s advertise this on Craig’s List ‘As Is’ and see what happens”. That same day we received a phone call from two farmers who desperately needed a trailer for storage. They drove up the very next day, brought new tires since ours were flat, hooked up the trailer and were out in less than two hours…  and they paid us $200 for the trailer!! We never would have thought to list this old storage trailer for sale.

We would be remiss if we did not comment on the suggestion about having door prizes at the end of our liquidation. The helper took care of everything from ensuring customers received a ticket just for coming in to the store to explaining how they would receive additional tickets when they purchased our products.A detailed list was maintained and then on the day of the drawing they ensured that witnesses were on hand to ensure the drawing was handled properly. This drawing for door prizes kept bringing our customers back again and again to get more tickets and was a huge driver in our increased sales.

The customer service provided by these two was beyond our expectation. From helping us display our inventory to selling our fixtures to coordinating and organizing our donations to ensure they were picked up at our location, they did it all. We threw a farewell party for our customers and employees during our last week and realized the night before the party that we should have a big sign made up to thank them for their loyal support for over 50 years. Your representatives went out on their own time to several locations until they could find someone to make up a sign for us at the last minute. It was beautiful and well appreciated by all. They truly went the extra mile for us time and again, and we could not have done this without them.

We are more than happy to recommend your organization to anyone who finds they need to liquidate their business. The results you achieved for us were beyond our expectation and we can’t thank you enough.