Case Study

Highest volume month in 24 years

The owner had two stores. He had just closed the store he managed himself with poor results. A lot of merchandise went unsold so he transferred it to his other store. He then employed us to liquidate that store. He thought the inventory cost was about $200,000. A lot of it was the leftover or tail-end merchandise including a lot of parts from the store he had tried to liquidate.  The opening day of our Pre-Showing sales were a few dollars short of $26,000 which was more than the stores highest volume month in 24 years!  Reported sales ran well over $163,000, plus we sold the fixtures & equipment for another $10,000. The owner said our Consultant was indispensable, he was a tireless worker and his tactics were right on target. When asked about our Fun Game his response was “Oh boy did it work!!! I came out ahead with this program”. The Fun Game generated more customer traffic and stimulated additional sales enabling us to hold media advertising expenses to 2.3%.