Case Study

Reported sales ran over $354,000

This was a very nice store with a large gift department.  Starting inventory was $250,000 and no additional merchandise was purchased for the sale.  The first day or our Pre-Showing sales ran well over $47,000!  Reported sales ran over $354,000, plus we sold the fixtures for over $5,000.  Our Fun Game generated more and more customer traffic stimulating additional sales as the sale progressed helping us hold media advertising expense to .005%!

NOTE: Every year we help a number of Hallmark store owners close profitably.  It may be because the lease has expired and can’t be renewed, the owner wants to retire, the store has become unprofitable or for health reasons.  Whatever the reason, if you want to close a store we can help you get the best possible return and we’ll do it ethically and in good taste.  We know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. You can rely on us.