Case Study

We sold the fixtures for over $5,600

This was a difficult sale as the store was located in the downtown area of a tourist town and the sale was held in the out of season when the tourists weren’t there and most surrounding stores were closed.  The sale would have been more profitable and easier to do had it been done during the tourist season. The inventory was similar to a Dollar General store.  Starting inventory was $120,000 and reported sales exceeded $127,600, plus we sold the fixtures for over $5,600.  The opening day of our Pre-Showing sales ran $14,000.  514 players entered our Fun Game which gave them an incentive to buy and the game continued to generate more and more traffic as the sale progressed.  This helped us hold media advertising expense to .018%!

Is COVID-19 Effecting Your Business?Now is the Time to Plan Your Sale

We are facing highly unusual times. Stores in many states, cities and counties have been forced to close, and the consumer has been encouraged to stay at home and only shop for necessary items. It now appears that things are beginning to break open, the consumer is starting to get out and retailers are going to have to aggressively go after every dollar they can get to cover lost sales.

The retail industry has lost their good spring selling season. Retailers are stuck with two seasons of merchandise. Now they must reopen with a strong sale and heavy advertising to generate customer traffic and raise a huge amount of cash. Out of season and over stocks need to be converted to cash while in season merchandise needs to be sold to make as much profit as possible. AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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