Case Study

Good experience—good sale!

This retailer was an absentee owner and he consulted with our Sale Consultant by phone almost every evening throughout the sale.This was a $190,000 cost inventory including 400 pair of out dated athletic shoes found in the basement.  They transferred in another $5,000 in unwanted merchandise from another store including over a $1,000 in dated athletic shoes.  They also pulled out $2,000 in good merchandise and sent it to another store.  This made the cost of merchandise to be sold $193,000.  The opening day of our Pre-Showing sales fell just short of $22,000.  Reported sales exceeded $206,000.  Our Fun Game had 415 customers participating which helped our Sale Consultant hold media advertising expenses to 3.8%.  At the bottom of the Final Report the owner wrote “Good experience—good sale!”