Case Study

Total sales ran over $197,000 for a 143% return

This was one store out of a group of stores scattered throughout a number of states. Headquarters was 6 states away and the owner was hard to reach. Once reached, he was difficult to communicate with. He wanted to retain complete control even though he wasn’t on site and didn’t understand the concept of a store closing sale. Consequently, decisions often were not made in a timely manner. The District Manager came by several times and he wouldn’t or couldn’t make decisions. The inventory was $125,000 and they brought in another $14,000 in slow turners from other stores and transferred out $1,000 in good merchandise. This made the total amount of merchandise to be sold $138,000. The first day of our Pre-Showing sales were $29,480.  Total sales ran over $197,000 for a 143% return plus, they transferred $27,500 to other stores at the end of the sale.  With better cooperation and more timely decisions the sale could have been even better.