Retail Liquidation Sale

Since 1916, Wingate Sales Solutions Have Helped Retail Store Owners Close, Liquidate, or Promote Over 35,000 Stores

A truly successful store closing sale is based on a tested and proven sale plan. A plan that will efficiently produce the biggest, best return for merchandise, fixtures and equipment — And do it with class and dignity.

With Wingate you can expect:                                                                          

  • The best return possible for inventory, fixtures and equipment.
  • The assistance of an expert liquidator experienced in the art of liquidation.
  • Close out quickly — with style, and leave with your reputation intact.
  • Hold an efficient, well organized, well managed sale.
  • Maintain higher margins.
  • Recover the most capital possible, in the shortest period of time possible.
  • Hold advertising and other expenses to a minimum.
  • Sell everything — inventory, fixtures and equipment.
  • Enjoy more fluidity when the sale is over.
  • Make a dignified exit from your business.

A Liquidation Sale is a Race Against the Clock

There’s a science to liquidation sales, and we’ve mastered the course. From setup to cleanup, our liquidators do everything to put your merchandise in the hands of paying customers in the shortest most economical length of time. A Wingate sale is tailored to your particular circumstance — we don’t just pull it off the shelf.

When you add us to your team, a proven sales professional will develop a customized liquidation plan for your sale. Our job is to sell as much merchandise profitably as possible and to time each phase of the sale so you’re not stuck with a lot of costly inventory when the doors close for good. Rely on your Wingate liquidator to guide you through the process. He will know when advertising and discounts are needed. He’ll take the stress and pressure off your shoulders.

The Wingate Sale liquidator guards your sale’s momentum and helps you avoid excessive markdowns and ineffective advertising. Our going out of business sale plan will drive customers to your store and once there motivate them to buy. Our retail liquidators know how to keep the sale rolling and how to sustain traffic right down to the last day.

For more information and answers to your questions call 1 (888) 480-7253, or contact us for our free packet of information. It will include my book What Every Store Owner Should Know About Closing A Store. It will also include letters of reference from former clients who have been through the same problems. Call them for first hand information and find out how Wingate helped them find the right solution. We want to help you get the best recovery for your merchandise fixtures and equipment!

Don’t Risk A Store Closing Sale On Your Own

Most businesses that liquidate without professional help cash out for a fraction of their true value. Store closing sales are complicated and demanding. They require a huge amount of time, energy, and an intimate knowledge of liquidation strategies, consumer motivation techniques and hands-on detail management. It’s what we do every day at Wingate Sales Solutions. When you enlist our services, you have everything you need to successfully close your store.

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