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Wingate Sales Solutions

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As with many other retailers we ran a good business and were good at what we did. With this said, we knew very little about closing a business and simple had no room for error on our part. We researched several companies on line and found a few that offered what we needed, fast, effective support. From here we contacted each, reviewed their business offerings and selected Wingate Sales Solutions. Based on their business model this was a fairly simple choice with a known cost and estimates up front. No hidden cost, no rush for the door as we reached our final days.

This has turned out to be the best possible choice and the Consultant along with his assistant have proven themselves by exceeding our expectations time after time. From the start we wanted someone who could manage the entire sales process, start to finish, direct our staff and work with us to ensure we remained on track. Our Consultant and his assistant provided more support than expected and worked through the first ten (10) days of our closing sale to ensure we meet our sales goals and helped us avoid potential issues.

Our Consultant discussed details with us upon arrival, walked us through the entire process. We discussed details on a daily basis, set daily priorities and staff level projects and reviewed daily/weekly updates regarding overall sales. We are very pleased with the overall progress and as of the last day (today) we have exceeded our goals. We simply would not have achieved the level of success we have experienced without Wingate, our Consultant and his assistant.

Thank you very much for you honesty, support and true concern for our success during this challenging process.