Retail Store Liquidation Review of
Wingate Sales Solutions

Rating: 5 stars for nationwide liquidators | based on 1 review
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Mark Chalman and Wingate Sales Solutions’ assistance was instrumental in successfully closing down our Overland Park location.

Mark offered expert guidance in planning the overall timelines, markdown cadences, marketing campaigns, and merchandising strategies that we employed during the closing. He communicated very clearly during the preparation stages of this process and was in touch with us at the home office on a regular basis once the liquidation was under way. Mark’s presence in the store was a tremendous asset as he had full visibility of our store staff, our traffic, and our inventory. Ultimately, the targeted closing date was met and the return on our inventory exceeded our expectations.

I would enlist his services again without any reservations and would recommend Wingate Sales Solutions to any retailer faced with the unfortunate need to close a location.