Retail Store Liquidation Review of
Wingate Sales Solutions

Rating: 5 stars for nationwide liquidators | based on 1 review
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Wingate Sales Solutions makes many claims about closing stores successfully for years but release little information about how this is accomplished until you sign up for their services. With skepticism and curiosity, we decided to hire them. Simply put, Wingate delivered the goods. We did have people lined up at the door at opening the first few days of the sale and enjoyed sales like we hadn’t seen in years. And we did put everything up for sale, including fixtures, cooler and freezers and most of them have sold prior to our final date; due to the consultant using different social media to post photos of individual large fixtures for sale and calling many other contacts to find buyers for our non-grocery items.

The consultant that was assigned to us was very professional,· punctual and thorough and for the first few weeks we met or exceeded sales expectations. The consultant handled everything according to their “formula” yet had the insight and knowledge to adapt some aspects to the particular customers we served that produced even greater results. He also fit right in with the employees and our customers after just a couple days and works everyday to make the store continue to look great!

I highly recommend Wingate Sales Solutions if you do find yourself in a similar predicament and also the consultant that assisted us through this phase of our business.