Retail Store Liquidation Review of
Wingate Sales Solutions

Rating: 5 stars for nationwide liquidators | based on 1 review
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We spoke to Wingate Sales Solutions Co. and they explained how they could assist us with the sale of merchandise and fixtures. They took the pressure of advertising, pricing and contacting customers off our shoulders. They guided us through every aspect of the liquidation sale.

Wingate KNOWS how to handle customer relations during the sale. Let Wingate take the blame for requiring that the customers have to pay for fixtures now and pick them up after the sale is over. Let Wingate take the blame for not holding merchandise until payday. Let Wingate take the blame for all sales are final. Wingate relieves you of all of these problems and they do it well.

The company lived up to all their promises. Our sale was handled in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Wingate Sales. The job couldn’t have been done without their help.