Lawn Garden Liquidation Sale

Our retail liquidation sales get off to an explosive start, and it’s all due to our Pre-Showing! Our Pre-Showing constantly out pulls newspaper, radio, and television. The first day is huge and the Pre-Showing lasts a week before we hold another big volume opening announced through the media to the general public. Our sales do more volume early in the sale where mark ups are best helping our sales get off to a running start and get the best overall return possible. The following are first day examples of how our Pre-Showing worked for some of our previous clients. Owner’s name, stores name and locations are confidential.

Hardware $450,000 $45,000
Christian Book Store $550,000 $78,100
Clothing $150,000 $38,900
Hardware $160,000 $27,900
Crafts & Framing $330,000 $19,300

Note:  The above are a very diverse group of stores. We work with all kinds of stores and they come in all kinds of condition. A few are well stocked with current in-season merchandise. These are the stores that get the best overall returns. Many are sold down to one degree or another. The return depends upon the condition of the merchandise and how severely the inventory was depleted.  In any case, we know how to get more out of the inventory, fixtures and equipment than any other method of closing a store.  Check us out. There’s no cost or obligation to get answers to your questions.

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