Multi Store Franchise Liquidation Sales

At Wingate Sales Solutions, we have closed and liquidated thousands of retail stores. We know the solutions to closing stores to get the best recovery possible. We know how to how to kick the sale off with a huge crowd of customers creating a buying frenzy. Then, we know how to sustain customer traffic and volume and we know how to clean up the tail end. We know consumer buying characteristics and we have developed the sale tactics to maximize volume and margins.

The Two Types of Franchise Store Liquidations

The first is when the entire chain or group of stores are to be liquidated and closed. These liquidations are often court ordered although there are many other reasons to close chain or multiple store groups. We have the experience and expertise to help liquidate these retail stores to get the best possible return for merchandise fixtures and equipment. Give us a call to find out how we can help.

The second is where a store or several stores are to be liquidated while the remaining stores will continue in business and stay open. There are many reasons for closing these stores. It could be the loss of a lease or to get out of a bad lease, the store or stores are not profitable and are a drag on the entire chain, a quick influx of cash is needed or management wants to go in a different direction. Whatever the reason we do these sales very well.

Liquidating Retail Stores are an Opportunity

Don’t waste an opportunity!

  • An opportunity to raise a large sum of cash fast.
  • An opportunity to cut overhead and unload costly expense.
  • An opportunity to eliminate stores that are a drag on the bottom line.
  • An opportunity to eliminate the problems that go with unprofitable stores.
  • An opportunity to clean up inventories in other stores.
  • An opportunity to spend more time and effort on producing stores to make them even more productive.

Our Going Out of Business Sales are Designed to be Profitable

Expectations for well stocked stores are profitable sales. Returns vary greatly depending on the type of store. Many other factors enter into determining the return, such as location, inventory mix and aging, time of the year, ratio of inventory to volume, availability of customer mailing and email lists and more. Our representative and our Sale Consultant will take these and other factors into account when planning and executing the sale plan.  And we’ll do the sale with class and dignity.

We know how to start the sale with a burst of volume, usually as much as a week to a month or more the first day! And we do it with minimal markdowns! We know how to sustain high volume with good margins until it’s time to clean up the tail-end. We also help sell fixtures and equipment at no extra cost. That’s just part of our job.

Once the sale is completed, our liquidator will provide you with a large personalized customer mailing and email list. Use the list to pull loyal customers to your other stores, for catalog mailing lists, direct marketing or other opportunities.

Why go to the expense of liquidating a store or stores and shipping the merchandise to profitable stores creating additional merchandising and cash flow problems? We can close the store(s) profitably and save the headache. We’ll quickly raise a large volume of cash and our fees will cost less than packing, shipping it to your distribution center or other stores, and unpacking and re-displaying it. By this time most of it is out of season, damaged, shopworn, and taking up valuable display space. Let us sell it profitably while saving expenses!

Why go to the expense of a self-conducted liquidation sale when our fees will probably cost less and we’ll generate a greater cash return?

It doesn’t cost anything to find out how we can help close a store or stores while raising more money and saving expenses. You may have more options and better opportunities than you think.

How to Maximize Your Returns

Reasons to Use Wingate Sales Solutions for Your Retail Store Closing Sale

  • We’ll convert the store’s inventory and fixtures (if you want to sell them) to new capital.
  • Your store will close with style – No unethical sales practices – No misleading advertising.
  • We’ll provide a liquidation sale plan designed to sell out profitably!
  • We’ll provide an onsite expert liquidator experienced in store liquidation management.
  • You retain complete control of the store, employees and receipts.
  • You control and approve all discounts.
  • You proof and approve all advertising.
  • Your store will close with dignity and the goodwill of its customers.

A Wingate Sales Solutions store closing sale can often liquidate inventory profitably and if wanted, sell fixtures and equipment to recover additional revenue. Money raised from the inventory liquidation of marginal or unprofitable stores can relieve a lot of financial pressure and make the entire chain more manageable and profitable.

For best results don’t sell down the inventory or move good merchandise to other stores before holding your store closing sale. This is the merchandise that makes most of the profits and draws customers to the store. For even better results build up the best sellers and add good off-price merchandise to the inventory.

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