Retail Store Liquidation Review of
Wingate Sales Solutions

Rating: 5 stars for nationwide liquidators | based on 1 review
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I was very skeptical and even against the idea of going through a liquidation company to close my store. Money was tight, business almost nonexistent and the last thing I wanted was to waste money. Wingate Sale Solutions presented their program and convinced me to take a chance so we could come out on top.

The Wingate consultant was very informative of what moves to make so we could optimize sales from the start. I would have been lost without the knowledge and experience the consultant was able to share. We refaced the entire store and found every bit of sellable merchandise in three days. The first day of the sale was the busiest day we had ever experienced. It was almost overwhelming. The Consultant continued to find new items we could sell and make sure we got the most out of the sale. After a few days the Consultant was able to tell what sections were dogs and suggested we adjust the discounts appropriately.

Wingate has put together a solid program run by confident smart people. My experience with Wingate was much better than I could have imagined.