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We have just completed our Retirement/Quitting Business Sale after 34 years in business. The decision to do this was a difficult one, but the right one to make. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Wingate Sales sent 2 Consultants to help liquidate our 3 stores and the plan that was presented to us was extremely effective for obtaining the most monetary return from our inventory.

We were extremely pleased with the professional manner in which the sale was conducted and the helpful and courteous way the consultants handled all of our customers and our staff.

The initial letter that was mailed was a great success, and it made our first day sales more than a single months sales. We had people lined up before the doors opened and all day long waiting just to pay.

The consultant warned me that we would be “swamped” with the sheer volume of business we would expect the first few days. I was shocked to say the least and they called it “right on the money!” They were a big help during the sale, they re­priced merchandise, sold fixtures, talked to customers, and ran the game. The game, became an integral part of our sale. Customers came in on a daily basis, just to participate, and almost always shopped before they left.

The decision to retire and close the stores was very difficult, but now that I look at the sales figures, I know that I made the right decision to go with Wingate Sales Solutions. The Wingate Sales Consultants took out all the emotions and negativity out of closing our business. They were professional and worked hard to respect my needs as well as the needs of the staff.

I would highly recommend Wingate Sales Solutions to anyone considering closing their business.