Busy Liquidation Sale

Best Retail Liquidation Results

Wingate Sales Solutions’ on-site Sale Consultants know how to conduct going out of business and high impact business stimulation and special event sales to get the most out of them. Because we get the best results for our clients, America’s most prestigious and successful independent retailers rely on us for successful store closing and high-impact sale events. Our sales are designed to be profitable.

Most Retail Liquidation Experience

We provide more liquidation sales experience than anyone else. We have worked with tens of thousands of store owners throughout the United States and Canada since 1916. Our 100 plus years of accumulated experience is unmatched, and our knowledge of how to manage the most cost effective and productive store closing sales and high-impact promotional event sales comes from experience.

Comprehensive Sale Plans

Over the years we have developed the most powerful, yet flexible, sale plan ever devised. Our sale plan will be tailored to your store and situation. Due to exclusive copyrights we have more flexibility and options available to our clients than anyone. Our sale plan will maximize your return and produce an ethical liquidation or high-impact sale event that will retain your reputation in the community.

Expert Retail Sales Consultants

We’ll have one of our experienced professional retail Sale Consultants on site throughout the sale advising and working with you. They’ll guide you through the process to a successful conclusion. Our Sale Consultants know how to manage sales to get the most out of them. All of our Sale Consultants have extensive retail management backgrounds. They were store owners or managers before coming to us. They have gone through an extensive training program and on the job experience before becoming Wingate consultants.

Free Advertising

We provide, free of charge, special newspaper ad layouts for your use. Our Sale Consultants know print, radio, cable and TV advertising and will write the copy.  They also know direct mail, email and social media marketing and will use them extensively to hold advertising expenses to a minimum. They will use the best and most cost effective media or combination of media to generate maximum results. You and the sale consultant will choose the merchandise and discounts to be advertised.

Top Notch Signage

We provide, free of charge, our exclusively designed window and interior signs plus show-cards for special priced merchandise and supplies for our customer incentive programs. Large all-weather outdoor signs are available for a nominal fee as are sale price tags and labels if needed. You’ll have all the materials and supplies needed to prep your store and get the sale and cash flow started quickly.

Fixtures & Equipment Are Sold Too

We do not charge for selling your fixtures or equipment! It’s just part of our job. We put more effort into selling fixtures than anyone. Our pre-showing announcement advertises fixtures and equipment for sale. Our window and interior signs say fixtures for sale. Our newspaper layouts say fixtures for sale as do our TV and radio ads. We advertise them on social media websites. Fixtures will be tagged with the asking price.  No one in the industry puts as much effort into selling fixtures and equipment as we do.

You Know What You Are Getting

You will know what the charges are before you commit to the sale. You won’t have to pay our representative to come to your store to sell our service. You won’t have up-front charges or hidden costs, you won’t be required to put all receipts into an escrow account you don’t control, you won’t be paying a percentage commission to someone who is not working in your store while advising from afar. There will be no front-end loaded payments as with a percentage contract. No guarantees that sound great but in reality protect the liquidation company and put the store owner in a weak position. No accelerated weekly fee payments as some weekly fee plus percentage companies require. No percentage commission should a buyer be found and the store sold. And no percentage commission for selling fixtures and equipment. That’s just part of our job!

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