Foreclosure Liquidation Sale

Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & Repossession Liquidators

We provide a store closing, inventory liquidation, and going out of business service to the retail industry, including stores in bankruptcy, foreclosure, or repossession. Store owners use our service to liquidate their stores to get the highest recovery possible for their inventory, fixtures and equipment.

If You Are an Attorney, Bank, Lending Institution, Trustee or Creditor in Possession, Wingate Can Help!

Our store closing and going out of business sales often recover inventory cost or better for good stores. If it’s a poor sold down inventory, we’ll still get the best possible return. If the store is closed, the sale needs to be started ASAP! The longer the store is closed the more difficult it becomes to get the best recovery. If the store is open, keep restocking it. Well stocked stores get the best recovery. Our liquidation sales typically recover 2½ to 5 times that of an auction or bulk sale. That’s why store owners throughout North America use our store closing and going out of business service when it’s time to close a store.

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If you’re thinking of a promotional sale or closing a store, find out how we can help. We can discuss your retail promotional or liquidation sale needs and create a Wingate Liquidation Plan customized for your store. No cost, no obligation.

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