Retail Store Liquidation Review of
Wingate Sales Solutions

Rating: 5 stars for nationwide liquidators | based on 1 review
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The response from your initial advertising letter was overwhelming. We received over 10% of our annual sales the first week! The sale remained strong the entire duration.

The third week of the sale, I was struck with an unexpected illness. The consultant automatically took control of every function of not only the sale, but running the entire business! He told me not to worry about anything and just get well.

Our consultant conducted himself as if he were my partner in the business. This relieved me of a heavy burden and proved to be profitable as well. The Prize contest was the talk of the town. The liquidation would not have been as profitable without the game.

The sale was very successful. You accomplished everything we had spoken about and more. The consultant exceeded the sales figures promised and did this with less than a 3% advertising expense.