Case Study: Sales Ran 138% of Inventory Cost

We recently completed the closing of an outdoor sports, clothing and camping store.  Starting inventory was $550,000 at cost. The owners brought in an additional $25,000 in wanted merchandise shortly after the sale started and, near the end of the sale, transferred $5,000 in good merchandise to their other store.  We used a ten thousand piece Pre-Showing to start the sale.  The first day’s sales ran over $115,000 and the first three day’s sales ran a little over a quarter of a million dollars.  On the first day we had a line of customers around the block waiting to get in.  The store was so crowded we had to let customers out before new customers could get in.  Reported sales ran 138% of inventory cost.  These results were obtained because of a good mix of current merchandise, the stores good reputation and management’s full cooperation.