Need Help Making a Decision? Ask a Wingate Client!

Today, we are ending our retirement sale.  Our sales have been great right up to the last day.  It has been the smoothest operation I have ever seen put together.  The Wingate staff have certainly been a pleasure to work with. The customers loved the point system and it made for a jolly Merry Christmas … Continued

We Expect Our Sales to be Profitable

Are you thinking of retiring or liquidation and closing your store to conserve assets? If so, you’ll want the quickest and largest recovery possible.  As you can imagine in this economy, the need for the most productive method of liquidation is in high demand.  And that’s us! Some storeowners have the misconception that store liquidations … Continued

Many are Adapting and Getting By

Many good merchants are stuck in a market they can’t control.  It’s no fault of their own that the economy has slowed to a snails pace, a big box moved in or they’ve lost their lease.  Or, they have reached the age of retirement and just want out.  For some it’s time to rescue assets … Continued