We have letters from satisfied owners throughout North America! In 100 years, we have received over 35,000 of them!

When choosing a liquidator, do your research! You want someone who will partner with you to get the best possible return for inventory, fixtures and other assets. You need someone experienced who has done it many times before for the independent store owner. That’s Wingate Sales Solutions!

Our business has survived for over a hundred years by conducting honest, ethical sales and getting the results our clients expect and need. We understand that closing one’s store is a lifestyle change that creates a lot of stress. We treat our clients with dignity and respect.

The following are comments taken from a few of our client’s letters of recommendation.

Just a Few Happy Clients

OBJECTIVE: To liquidate with the maximum amount of return with the least amount of expense. As the owner I feel this objective was met.

This is the second time we have liquidated.  Our first experience with another liquidator was terrible.  The consultant was not there half the time and did not communicate with us.  Our Wingate consultant was with us the entire time and guided us each step of the way, unlike our first experience.  We would recommend Wingate Sales Solutions for any business considering liquidation.

William K. Zeithammer, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

I was knowledgeable of your company and was aware of the results your program achieves, but I was not prepared for, or expecting, the results your consultant achieved for us.

The first day of our sale was the biggest day in the history of our store. We had our inventory cost back the first ten days of the sale! (our consultant) kept the sale moving at a fast pace and advised me on a few additional income producing options. He was constantly looking for ways to maximize the inventory liquidation and add additional monies to my bank account. His insight into the liquidation process is unique.

The final results were beyond everyone’s expectations! The entire inventory was sold, all store fixtures were sold, and I even sold things from home. I am absolutely amazed at the results achieved by the Wingate Sales Solutions program.

~ Carol Nason, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

After 101 years, we decided to close the doors to the family business. (our consultant’s) insight into the inventory liquidation process is beyond description. He used the contest to create thousands in additional sales. We far exceeded our goals and the return on investment your Sales Representative projected. I am highly satisfied.

~ Steve Felix, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

We have just completed the liquidation sale of our two retail stores located at a beach resort and are happy to say that the results more than met our expectations.

When we were four weeks into the sale, we were unexpectedly called to a new professional career opportunity in Washington, D.C., and were unable to be at our stores on a daily basis for the remainder of the liquidation. (our consultant) handled the rest of the liquidation in our absence with dedication and professionalism. Without his expertise and experience, we could not have completed the liquidation sale with the success it achieved.

~ Peggy Young and Jim Stimpson, Wingate Sales Solutions Clients

To be honest, I wanted to believe the testimonial letters from your informational package, but they sounded too encouraging to be true. I know now that in order to run a business such as yours, you need to hire people with talent, experience, patience, perseverance, and flexibility, as (our consultant) has shown all of these attributes and more.

I am encouraged and humbled by the return on investment our store has had with Wingate Sales Solutions. I could not imagine that we would be able to recoup as much of our investment as we did during these tough times. I know we could not have done it without (our consultant).

~ Kenji Saisho, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

My husband was seriously injured in a construction accident which left me his 24/7 caregiver and unable to run my small variety store. I called your company; two days later your representative was at my store, two weeks later your consultant was there getting started.

Things went amazingly well with no planning or input from me! He shouldered the whole burden – led us through what was going to happen next, handled the Game and all the advertising and letters. I appreciated the efficiency of the whole experience and could never have done the job on my own. Thank you very much.

~ Shirley Parrett, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

Thank you very much for a very successful sale of the OTC, gift, and card departments of our retail pharmacy. The new owner did not want the nonprescription inventory and gave us six weeks to empty the space. We accomplished a complete sale of all inventory and fixtures in five weeks. Our expectation was to realize at least the wholesale value of our inventory and with the complete sale of our fixtures this was accomplished.

I was amazed at how effective the ‘Fun and Games’ promotion is and how much fun it was for both our employees and customers. However, the success of this sale is largely due to the great efforts by your sales Consultant.

~ Jerry Willins, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

Our store had been on the same corner for sixty-one years, and the property had become more valuable than the business. We handled the real estate transaction with ease, but found the idea of closing out the inventory and fixtures daunting. We were impressed with the credentials and testimonials which Wingate Sales Solutions presented to us, but wondered if the cost would be a good value.

We shouldn’t have wondered. As soon as our closing sale began, it was obvious your Wingate team knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and how best to do it. Wingate Sales Solutions turned out to be the best bargain of the sale.

~ Nancy and Glen Irwin, Wingate Sales Solutions Clients

Three months ago, when we signed up with your firm, it was an incredibly difficult decision. Fortunately we understood that while we ran a profitable business and knew a lot about running the business, we were novices at closing our business, and definitely needed help. Today, after eight weeks of your constant help, guidance and your very great effort both Joan and I know we made the right choice in asking Wingate for help.

Our sales are almost 55% GREATER than we initially expected. Most of the showcases sold for more than I expected. Everyone has heard or used the phrase, “We couldn’t have done it without you”, but in this instance we really couldn’t have achieved these results without you.

~ Joan and Les Goldman, Wingate Sales Solutions Clients

All I can say is WOW! You told me I would have a great sale and I most certainly did. All that remained of my inventory will fit into a 3′ by 2½’ box. I’m not exaggerating either! Customers were snatching up stuff I would have probably taken to the dump. The Consultants you sent were fabulous. They were very professional and loads of fun.

~ Karen J. Cather, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

I am more than pleased with the professionalism of your company. And very surprised at the results. Our sales figures exceeded my expectations and I know I could not have accomplished the results we achieved without your service.

~ Sally Wirth, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

We reviewed and considered three possible companies to help us accomplish the closing. Wingate Sales Solutions was our final choice for numerous reasons. The Wingate Sales Solutions program exceeded our expectations. We would recommend your services to anyone interested in turning their inventory into cash.

~ Melvin H Schroeder, CFO, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

I was personally convinced to use a firm like Wingate for our closing for 2 reasons. First, I have spent 24 years building a store. I do not know the first thing about closing one. Second, I know that I get only one chance to do a store closing sale. I had to get it right the first time. Wingate Sales Solutions’ endorsement from the NRHA took me to them first.

~ Stan Livermore, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

Even though this was a difficult decision it was the BEST decision!! I am very pleased with the results and must say that if it wasn’t for (our consultant) there would be no way I would of done this well – I can’t say enough of her professionalism, kindness, understanding, thoughtfulness and friendship. Wingate was so worth hiring. The stress itself that was lifted off my shoulders was so worth it. Thank you kindly for the professional service you gave and for sending (consultant) – she is one awesome lady – and there will never be enough words to say of the appreciation I have for her and Wingate.

~ D. Fay Smith, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

Your consultant was an instant hit. He arrived the first day early and eager to go to work. He worked with us to implement a sales plan, helped organize merchandise, wrote ad copy, helped suggest pricing, put up signs, and much, much more. In 10 weeks I did not see this gentleman sit once. And, he was a true gentleman – far and beyond the call.

(He) ran the games and made them fun for all. The customers fell in love with him and many will sorely miss him. (He) became a friend to all of us, and we plan to stay in touch with him.

~ John Spain, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

(Consultant) worked day in and day out not only as our sale manager, but our employee, working as hard as and harder then we did. We now realize how important the entire Wingate Sales Solutions process was to have a successful store liquidation. The majority of our merchandise sold making us a profit instead of a loss. The game that (consultant) ran was an unbelievable success, people really get hooked on the points! We would highly recommend Wingate to anyone closing a business, it really works.

Thank you to (consultant) and the professional staff at Wingate for making our store liquidation the best it could have possibly been.

~ Marcy Jore and Paul Pappas, Wingate Sales Solutions Clients

About three weeks into the sale, I had an unfortunate accident, breaking my elbow. This accident could have been devastating for the financial success of my sale. However, I had the confidence and peace of mind knowing (our consultant) was there. He came through like a champ, treating the business as though it was his own.

The sale exceeded my expectations. The help I received from (our consultant) was invaluable and maximized my profits. I have nothing but good things to say about my association with Wingate Sales Solutions.

~ Charlotte Goza, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

The response from your initial advertising letter was overwhelming. We received over 10% of our annual sales the first week! The sale remained strong the entire duration.

The third week of the sale, I was struck with an unexpected illness. The consultant automatically took control of every function of not only the sale, but running the entire business! He told me not to worry about anything and just get well.

Our consultant conducted himself as if he were my partner in the business. This relieved me of a heavy burden and proved to be profitable as well. The Prize contest was the talk of the town. The liquidation would not have been as profitable without the game.

The sale was very successful. You accomplished everything we had spoken about and more. The consultant exceeded the sales figures promised and did this with less than a 3% advertising expense.

~ Alice Fox, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

The letter mailing was a huge success and our first day sales totaled more than the previous two months. What a thrill, and it continued that way. Everyone was excited about the game, and the game became a driving force throughout the entire sale.

(Our consultant) was at the store an hour before opening each day, greeted all the customers and became well acquainted during the sale. She watched sales, prices, what needed to be moved, or re-priced, sold fixtures and worked as a clerk as needed, and ran the game with great success. The entire staff considers her a friend.

With Wingate Sales Solutions, they take over the worries and let you enjoy your sale.

~ Phyllis Ann Goss, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

I investigated several options and considered trying to close my business on my own when I interviewed one of your Sales Representatives. Your Sales Rep provided valuable advice and suggestions – even before I committed to hiring Wingate! His professionalism and helpful manner aided greatly in my decision to utilize your services.

Our consultant tried to prepare me for the number of customers and volume of business we might have. She was right on! On opening day we had people lined up at the door and over 175 people registered in the Fun and Games. We liquidated 50% more in dollars than I had projected for my store closing.

The decision to retire was hard. In the end, we all experienced the joy and sadness, the laughter and the bittersweet tears that come with the end of an era. Our consultant took a lot of the pressure off me during this very emotional time. She was sensitive to my professional and emotional needs and worked hard to respect these needs as well as anticipating what work we all needed to do each day of the sale.

~ Jan Hummel, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

We are just completing our Quitting Business Sale and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We are convinced that the plan laid out by Wingate was the most effective means of obtaining the most return from our merchandise.

We were extremely pleased with (our consultant’s) help and with the courteous way he dealt with us and all of our customers. His ever cheerful attitude and his never ending ‘can do’ approach played a large role in our ability to meet our expectations from the sale.

I would highly recommend Wingate Sales Solutions to anyone considering closing their business.

~ Michael P. White, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

(Our consultant) pitched in and worked very hard doing whatever was needed to prepare the sale, advertise the sale and run the sale. During his time here, my mother suffered a stroke and he took even more of a load on himself. When I tried to thank him, he replied that that was the standard at Wingate and, for that, you should be very proud. In short I believe that your people treated my business as their own and, at no time, were thinking only of a paycheck.

~ Shirlene Hatcher, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

(Our consultant) gave me a figure in the beginning that he was aiming towards. He used that figure as a benchmark for a very successful sale. His figure was higher than the figure stated to me by your Sales Representative, which I thought was a good return. We far exceeded the goal figure. Our Consultant set the bar high and came through for us.

~ Jane Reynolds, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

We felt the letter that was mailed to the preferred customer mailing list was the most effective way to begin our sale, and the first week’s figures far exceeded my expectations. The urgency to buy was indeed very compelling.

The Fun and Games promotion also exceeded my expectations, stimulating sale and urging customers on to collect points to win our prizes. I am amazed at the response!

I feel that I could not have handled a closing business sale successfully without the professional guidance from Wingate Sales Solutions. It will be my pleasure to recommend them to anyone contemplating closing their business.

~ Ilene Silverman-Budd, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

Your plan is well organized. The Preferred Customer Mailing lists were our best advertising. Our normal advertising avenues could never have drawn as many customers. The Fun and Games contest is a great idea and interests the customer in returning again and again.

~ Debbie Garrett, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

We have completed our Retirement Quitting Business Sale and we are pleased with the results. We chose Wingate Sales to assist, as you only get one chance to go out of business, and do it right!

When the sale started, your Consultant became an integral part of the process. He was professional, hard working, detail oriented and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond his duties to do whatever was necessary to ensure our success. He was also able to handle any and all crisis that popped up.

Your Sales Representative told us to just let the Consultant do his job and everything would turn out fine. He was Right! We could not have physically or mentally handled the store closing alone.

~ Cookie and Harry Grimm, Wingate Sales Solutions Clients

We spoke to Wingate Sales Solutions Co. and they explained how they could assist us with the sale of merchandise and fixtures. They took the pressure of advertising, pricing and contacting customers off our shoulders. They guided us through every aspect of the liquidation sale.

Wingate KNOWS how to handle customer relations during the sale. Let Wingate take the blame for requiring that the customers have to pay for fixtures now and pick them up after the sale is over. Let Wingate take the blame for not holding merchandise until payday. Let Wingate take the blame for all sales are final. Wingate relieves you of all of these problems and they do it well.

The company lived up to all their promises. Our sale was handled in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Wingate Sales. The job couldn’t have been done without their help.

~ Rhonda Sheffel, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

I was very skeptical and even against the idea of going through a liquidation company to close my store. Money was tight, business almost nonexistent and the last thing I wanted was to waste money. Wingate Sale Solutions presented their program and convinced me to take a chance so we could come out on top.

The Wingate consultant was very informative of what moves to make so we could optimize sales from the start. I would have been lost without the knowledge and experience the consultant was able to share. We refaced the entire store and found every bit of sellable merchandise in three days. The first day of the sale was the busiest day we had ever experienced. It was almost overwhelming. The Consultant continued to find new items we could sell and make sure we got the most out of the sale. After a few days the Consultant was able to tell what sections were dogs and suggested we adjust the discounts appropriately.

Wingate has put together a solid program run by confidant smart people. My experience with Wingate was much better than I could have imagined.

~ Michael Caverly, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

What a surprise! We had a line waiting anxiously outside the door on the first day of the sale and a line waiting for hours before opening on the last day of the sale! It was phenomenal!!

~ Rickee Rainey, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

Closing a business you have dedicated your life to is not an easy thing to do. Where do you start? How do you get rid of the inventory? How do you deal with customers and employee emotions? Well thankfully, your team at Wingate have done hundreds of closeouts, and had all the answers. We are so impressed how your company, and the people in it, helped us to not only survive, but to exit with honor, grace and prosperity. On the first day of the sale we were slammed! We far exceeded any expectations we had for sales on that day. Customers were lined up 15 deep at the register nearly all day! Then over the weeks, our Consultant led us on a very systematic path with programmed mark-downs. He really understood customer buying attitudes and sales tactics to maximize our margins, and we did not have to deal with the pressure of planning advertising or merchandise floor moves.

~ Karen Eagle, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

The initial letter retrieved 65% of my inventory cost in 4 days! Our consultant returned our entire inventory cost within 17 days. He exceeded my first goal and came close to my second. He concentrated the advertising around my store (and the game) mailing list, which kept the total advertising expense under 4.5% of sales. We are in the final days of our liquidation sale and the results exceeded my expectations.

~ Terry Oakes, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

Wingate was instrumental in helping us organize and prepare for our sale, generate and maintain customer traffic, set and time merchandise discounts, advertise merchandise, advertise and sell fixtures, maximize net return, and most importantly maintain the dignity with which we served the community while we were open. I could go on and on about how choosing Wingate Sales Solutions was the best decision we ever made. All in all, Mr. Wingate, we could not have successfully closed our business without you.

~ Shelli Hopkins, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

(Your Consultant) worked with us to set up our sale schedule as soon as he arrived. He helped us maximize our margin dollars before the next markdown. He negotiated with the local newspaper for reduced rates for the ads he designed for us. His years of experience showed through with the timely suggestions he made during our store closing sale. His knowledge on pricing hardware was very valuable. We are happy with the sales results.

~ Greg Aldrich, Montana, building supply, Wingate Sales Solutions Client

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