Converting inventory to quick cash is our business.  Wingate Sales Solutions, Inc., has done it with millions of dollars worth of inventory – in a way that the merchant ends up with a cleaner inventory, money in the bank, new customers on the store mailing and email list and new friends for the store.

Quit Worrying!  Raise Quick Cash From Your Inventory

Do you need to raise money, pay bills, remodel, change suppliers, purchase new fixtures, down size or enlarge your store, move to a new location, expand your customer base, reduce your inventory or just strengthen your cash position?  Then, get quick cash from your inventory with a Wingate Sales Solutions special sale tailored for your store and your needs.

Look at your shelves, your racks, under your counters and in your warehouse.  Isn’t it all money – money you have invested that can’t be touched until you sell the merchandise?  Wingate Sales Solutions has a special sale plan that can help you turn this merchandise into quick cash.

Retail Promotional Sales

There is a reason why a Wingate Sale brings crowds to a store.  It is not the price – the same prices ordinarily would not cause a ripple of interest. It is the unique, novel appeal of Wingate’s special sale methods – methods which take the emphasis off cutting prices. These methods will make your sale exciting, fun, and profitable!

It’s not just the effective merchandise display, not just the specialized copyrighted signs and banners, not just the pre-tested, proven direct mail, email, radio, TV and newspaper advertising, not just successful salesmanship, not just the unique Fun Game – but when it’s all put together by our expert consultant, it will work for you!  That’s why the Wingate plan has been so successful!

Our special sale plan has proven its worth in stores from coast to coast.  It isn’t just theory.  It isn’t just an idea that looks good on paper.  It is a proven special sale plan based on practical ‘know how’ and experience.

For information call 1 (888) 480-7253 and we’ll try to answer your questions and we will send an information packet.  All information is strictly confidential and there is no charge for our information packet.  If you prefer, fill out and send the inquiry form.

If you’re interested request a meeting with one of our Representatives.  After observing your store and acquiring the necessary information he will analyze the store for a successful high impact sale. There’s no charge or obligation.

Quick Boost in Cash

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