Every Client Gets A Customized Liquidation Sales Plan

Closing a store is unlike any other sale you have ever done. You should ask yourself:

  • Where do I start with a liquidation or store closing?
  • How do I organize and manage the liquidation sale?
  • How do I advertise to get the best response yet keep advertising expenses to a minimum?
  • How do I discount to maintain a customer buying-frenzy and still maintain the best margins possible?
  • How do I maintain traffic and sales to sell out in a cost effective time?
  • How do I sell out the tail-end stock without losing my margins?
  • How do I advertise, price and sell my fixtures and equipment?
  • How do I develop the most effective and efficient liquidation sale plan to get the most out of the merchandise fixtures and equipment?
  • Do I need the help of an expert?

The answer to the last question is YES!

A Store Closing or Liquidation Sale is retailing at warp speed! It takes more concentrated store management than any other time; that’s your job! Our expert consultant will concentrate his full time and energy conducting the liquidation sale to get the best return possible for you. That’s our job! And we are good at it.

With Wingate Sales Solutions, you know what the charges are before you commit to the liquidation sale.

  • You won’t have up-front charges or hidden costs, you won’t be required to put all receipts into an escrow account you don’t control.
  • You won’t be paying a percentage commission to someone who is not working in your store but advising from afar.
  • There will be no front-end loaded payments as with a percentage contract.
  • No accelerated weekly fee payments as some weekly fee plus percentage companies require.
  • No percentage commission should a buyer be found and the store sold.
  • And no percentage commission for selling fixtures and equipment. That’s just part of our job!

Wingate Sales Solutions is a nationally-known liquidator, who can help you plan a successful store closing sale tailored to your business. We’ve been providing retail store closing and liquidation services for over 100 years now. Our retail store closing sale plans are designed to be profitable. Then we’ll help execute the plan for the highest recovery possible. Our Sale Consultants are results-oriented liquidators and problem solvers who know what to expect in every retail situation. They offer an unbeatable combination of hands-on experience and fresh new concepts to insure the maximum bottom line results and good community relations.

When you decide to take the next step, our Regional Representative will survey the store and its location, collect the necessary data, and present you with the liquidation sale plan best suited for your store and situation. There is no cost or obligation for his call and you’ll have the whole story before you commit to anything.

When You Go With Wingate You Get The Full Package!

An expert Sale Consultant will advise and work with you in your store throughout the liquidation sale. Promotional materials such as our exclusive high-impact window and interior signs, sign cards, game supplies, highly visible ad layouts and other supplies are furnished free of charge! If marking tags are needed we provide them for a minimal fee. We also provide free of charge our powerful traffic building and sale stimulating programs our Sale Consultants use to fill your store with customers and turn browsers into buyers. They also use special merchandising techniques designed to give your merchandise maximum exposure and to leave you with an empty store!

You Retain Complete Control of Your Store

Subject to your approval, our Sale Consultant will organize and direct the liquidation sale. This frees you to manage your store, employees and cash from the sale. Each Sale Consultant is skilled at attracting crowds of shoppers, and with your cooperation, he’ll keep them coming until the store is empty and the sale is successfully concluded.


Lawn Garden Liquidation Sale

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