We Expect Our Sales to be Profitable

Are you thinking of retiring or liquidation and closing your store to conserve assets? If so, you’ll want the quickest and largest recovery possible.  As you can imagine in this economy, the need for the most productive method of liquidation is in high demand.  And that’s us!

Some storeowners have the misconception that store liquidations produce poor results, sometimes as low as 20¢ to 30¢ on the dollar.  Only auctions, self conducted liquidation sales or an inexperienced liquidator with little knowledge of the business and no sale plan could possibly recover so little.  Our sale plan is designed to be profitable.

We always strive for a profitable liquidation.  Profitable, high volume, fully stocked stores with good margins, the proper timing and the owner’s full cooperation invariably are profitable sales.  Even stores that do not fall into these categories can expect a good return and are often profitable.  We’ve helped tens of thousands of store owners liquidate inventories, fixtures and equipment since 1916. There is no sale plan more proven to recover a store’s full worth than the Wingate plan.